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At first, nursery may seem a very big, strange place to your child, therefore a home visit can be arranged where you can discuss your needs in a relaxed and familiar environment.
Please be patient and be prepared to stay with your child as long  as you and the practitioners feel is necessary. Children only learn when they feel happy and relaxed. Time spent on really settling in, is time well invested for your child's security and confidence. Your child will have a Key Person who will work closely with you to establish secure attachments and ease the settling-in process. When children feel happy and secure they are confident to explore and try out new things, enabling them to reach their full potential.
You are the most important people in your child's lives and always will be, so we need your help to ensure that your children progress and achieve success. It is crucial we form close relationships right from the start. You are always welcome in nursery at any time. You can help in so many different ways-talking with the children, joining in activities, sharing books, helping them on the computer, woodwork, baking and playing games.
Open surgeries are held on a Saturday morning, along with regular parents evenings, throughout the year. This is a good opportunity for you to view your child's learning journal and talk to their key person, to discuss your child's progress and development.


We have felt very happy since day one of Lucas attending Little Learners. We especially like the introductory period which included a home visit and settling-in days. It made us feel more confident and that Lucas was valued. We feel Lucas is very happy here and enjoys his time in the baby nest. He is developing so much and your staff contribrute so positively towards this.


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  • Healthy Schools is a joint Department for Education and Department of Health programme delivered by the local Healthy School Team. It recognises the link between health (physical, emotional and social) and achievement. It contributes to all of the Every Child Matters outcomes through its four main aims: to raise achievement to reduce health inequalities